Regulatory Strategy

The team behind the MFG is currently working with legal counsel to ensure that the MFG Token Distribution Event is fully compliant with all applicable federal and state securities laws.

  1. The official source for information:

These will be our communication channels. Please keep in mind, any information we send out, we will send it out to at least TWO other communication channels. As a precaution, please do your due diligence and check the other two channels listed on the post(s) to confirm authenticity.

  1. Do not send Ethereum (Ether/ETH) to random accounts hoping to get MFG. All information relating to the sale will be posted on or
  2. If somebody claiming to be part of the SyncFab team messages you asking for ETH to be sent to an address not listed on, DO NOT trust them, DO NOT send anything. SyncFab team members are instructed not to do so.
  3. If a person asks you for your private key – don’t give it to them. The private key is for you and you only – there are no circumstances where you should share that with anybody.
  4. If you’ve registered for the wait-list, remember to also register for the KYC (Know Your Customer) whitelist. It will be released a week prior to the launch date. We will be sending out information through our newsletter to those who have registered for the waitlist.
  5. The bonus and bounty structure are all listed on Please follow its instructions precisely – if any steps are missed, we are not responsible for fulfilling it. After we’ve allocated the bonus or bounty, we are not responsible for what happens to it while in your possession.
  6. During the Token Distribution Event, do not purchase directly from an exchange! The MFG is currently not listed on any exchanges. Exchanges do not support the delivery of this token to your balance.
  7. Be mindful of phishing attempts; always double-check the web address before entering any information. We are not responsible for any links shared by other community members in our communication channels; however, we will try our best to filter and delete all potentially malicious links.
  8. Everything in this FAQ is for general informational purposes – please refer to our terms of token sale for specific details about purchasing procedures, prices and other important information regarding the sale. In case there’s any inconsistency between these FAQ and the terms of token sale, the terms control.
How can I protect myself?
  1. Use an “incognito” browser mode to visit pages related to the token sale and your Ether wallet/address. Incognito mode deactivates browser extensions and plugins that could collect extraneous information and compromise your account. More information about browsing privately: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge. Mobile IOS up until 10 does not support local storage and will not work with our page..
  2. Take the time to make an informed decision about the structure of the sale before participating in the crowdsale. There is plenty of time to purchase tokens during the crowdsale.
  3. Do not try to buy the MFG token when you are connected to a public wifi system. Use a VPN service to protect yourself. An example of a VPN service is: We are not endorsing this service therefore not responsible for any activities while using this or similar VPN services.
  4. Do not trust any emails that are not from As mentioned, we will also be sending informations out to at least two other communication channels – the relating channels will be listed in the email so please do your due diligence and confirm authenticity of the message with its duplicate in the other channels.
  5. If there are an ounce of concern or questions regarding the MFG and/or the Token Distribution Event, please contact us on Telegram ( Please look at the SyncFab Telegram group setting and contact an “Admin”.

About the MFG Token Sale Event

What’s being sold?
The MFG token, a utility token, is being sold to current SyncFab users and early adopters of the Smart Manufacturing Blockchain.
The token will be used to execute smart contracts, incentivize and reward purchasers and manufacturers who will be placing parts production orders within SyncFab and the Smart Manufacturing Blockchain.
Prior to the Token Distribution Event, SyncFab have generated a total supply of one billion MFG tokens (1,000,000,000). That will be the entire supply of the MFG Tokens – no more will be created after it’s generated. Only 300,000,000 will be available for the during the MFG Token Sale.
Thirty percent (30%) or 300,000,000 of the total MFG token supply are allocated for the MFG Token Sale
You are a purchaser or manufacturer and want to buy the MFG token early on to use with the Smart Manufacturing Blockchain. SyncFab have created a crowdsale smart contract, containing a smart contract address. After determining how many MFG tokens you want (more information on, you will convert the token value to ether (ETH) and will send the ether to the crowd-sale smart contract address. The smart contract will convert the amount of ether it received from you into MFG Tokens.
Ethereum is a cryptocurrency which includes a programmable smart contract platform. The unit of currency is called the ether (ETH). Ethereum was initially described by Vitalik Buterin in late 2013. For additional information, please visit these resources:
All MFG Token Sale participants must register for an MFG Dashboard wallet and complete a KYC. Learn more at
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MFG
  • Allocated market (public) supply: 300,000,000 MFG (30%)
  • 1 ETH = 5,000 MFG
  • Minimum = 500K USD (500 ETH)
  • Soft Cap = $15M USD (15K ETH)
  • Hard Cap = $30M USD (33K ETH)

Bonus incentives will be first come, first serve. The earliest purchasers will be rewarded additional MFG tokens.

Bonus Structure based on the order of Ethereum (ETH) executed on the crowdsale contract:

  1. Minimum Goal (500K USD/500 ETH) & Soft Cap Goal (15M USD / 15K ETH)
    i. MFG Early Adopter Presale - 50% Bonus
    a. Begins November 15th, reserved for manufacturing professionals must complete KYC process. Vist
    b. +2,500 MFG bonus per 1 ETH
    c. Equivalent: 1 ETH = 7,500 MFG
    ii. Public Presale - 25% Bonus
    a. Begins January 1, 2018 must complete KYC process. Vist
    b. +1,250 MFG bonus per 1 ETH
    c. Equivalent: 1 ETH = 6,250 MFG

  2. After Presale (30M USD/33K ETH Hard Cap Goal)
    i. Main Public Token Sale - The public sale now includes bonuses — tiered by week
    a. Begins February 15, must complete KYC process. Vist
    b. February 15 — February 21, 2018 (9:00 AM PST): 15% Bonus
    c. February 21 — February 28, 2018 (9:00 AM PST): 10% Bonus
    d. February 28 — March 11, 2018 (9:00 AM PST): 5% Bonus
    e. March 11 — March 15, 2018 (9:00 AM PST): 2.5% Bonus

  3. Any unsold MFG will be destroyed after the distribution event.
Any unsold MFG will be destroyed after the distribution event.
Please join our telegram channel at for the latest updates. We will also email you updated if actions are required in order for you to receive your MFG Tokens.
All Token Sale participants must register for an MFG Dashboard Wallet in order to receive their MFG. A new wallet address is given to you for security reason upon registration. This is the location your MFG TOkens will be sent to, please make sure to use your same email address when completing registration. Register at
Please do not send ether (ETH) from exchanges – there are limitations, of which we take no responsibility for. Please transfer the money to your MyEthereumWallet account then transfer to the MFG crowdsale smart contract address.
There is a form of Know Your Customer (KYC) oversight, and you must complete this registration in order to purchase the MFG Tokens. Please follow the instructions on register for the KYC and be whitelisted for the token crowdsale event and receive your tokens.
Buyer's purchase of the MFG Tokens during the Token Sale period is final, and there are no refunds or cancellations except as may be required by applicable law or regulation. By sending the payment for the Tokens, Buyer acknowledges that none of the Company Parties are required to provide a refund for any reason and that Buyer will not receive money or other compensation in lieu of a refund.

MFG Token Sale Mechanics

Will the token sale be available to Canadians or US Americans?
The MFG token sale will be available to anyone meeting the eligibility criteria (as set forth in the terms of sale) except those originating from the following countries: Belarus, Burma, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe.
Blockchain transactions require confirmation by a certain amount of miners (‘consensus’) before the transactions go through. As of now, the blockchain can become busy (especially during large and popular token sales). This will be resolved with future updates of the Ethereum Blockchain. Be patient. You can check in on your transaction list in Blockchain (Ethereum) Block Explorers by Transaction ID (TxHash), Sender (Wallet Address) or Receiver (Wallet Address/Contract Address). If you would like to do this, you can do this on: or
MyEtherWallet is currently one of the most trusted and lightweight wallet to use for handling Ether and tokens. MyEtherWallet supports all ERC20 Tokens. You can create a new wallet (for free) or you can sign on with your private key without downloading the entire blockchain. You will have instant access to your wallet funds and ability to issue transactions. Even if you are completely new to token sales or Ethereum, MyEtherWallet walks you through the entire process, and this secures your access and helps you be mindful of your security (such as backing up your private keys). MyEtherWallet also supports hardware wallets such as the Trezor. You can use MyEtherWallet offline, and in incognito mode of the browser. Use the following link, bookmark it and never use any other link Always check your browser address bar after clicking this link, (to ensure that you were not rerouted by hackers, extensions or other security threats).
With a wallet, you control the private key and, ultimately, that is the safest method of holding cryptoassets (as long as you can keep the key secure). When you keep funds on an exchange, there is a risk their wallet can be hacked or targeted. Plus, you have a login that opens an additional security hole for hackers to exploit, and it could put your assets at risk if your email address is compromised. As you can see, there is a domino effect that creates many more security risks when using an exchange. Aside from security holes, exchanges could face downtime or DDOS attacks (preventing your access to assets), government shutdown, or simply cut and run with all of your funds!
The codes to our crowdsale smart contract is available for public viewing and validation on Github at:
We strongly recommend you stick to MyEtherWallet or Mist, and if you’re researching other wallets bear this in mind: Are you in control of the wallet’s private key? If the answer is no, then you cannot use that wallet or service to collect UKG from this sale. Does the client or wallet interface you currently use support ERC20 Tokens? If not, but you are in control of the private key, you may use MyEtherWallet with that private key as your interface to manage MFG (MyEtherWallet supports all ERC20 tokens).
Join our online community if you have any questions. Our community leaders are always active within each of these channels. These are the ONLY official accounts and channels of communication: Official SyncFab MFG Facebook Group – SyncFab MFG Telegram Group – SyncFab MFG Reddit Group –

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